4: voluptuous volume

  • göt2b voluptuous volume spray mousse

    voluptuous volume SPRAY MOUSSE

    Give your locks a blast of sexy and pump up the volume instantly! Push it up to the next level of irresistibly sexy with göt2b 2sexy voluptuous volume SPRAY MOUSSE. This sprayable styling mousse allows precise application to pump up your hair straight from the roots for that showstopping big volume boost. Go ahead, be naughty about sexy style!

    Shake can well, hold it upright and spray into damp roots or on hands
    in short bursts. Work through hair starting at the roots then style as desired. For x-tra voluptuous styles blow dry hair upside down while using a round brush.

  • göt2b voluptuous volume spray gel

    voluptuous volume SPRAY GEL

    Are your blow dry sessions leaving you a little limp? Bring sexy back with göt2b 2sexy voluptuous volume SPRAY GEL. This little charmer is an ultra-light, root-to-tip voluptuous volumizer that'll put the slink back in your style. Designed to be weightless and with special styling polymers to amplify your locks. Pump it up for blow dry sexy!

    How 2b sexy: Spray generously throughout damp hair from roots to ends. For x-tra voluptuous styles blow dry hair upside down while using a round brush.

  • göt2b 2sexy hairspray

    voluptuous volume HAIRSPRAY

    Wish your hair looked like the sex kitten that you really are? Fake it with göt2b 2sexy voluptuous volume HAIRSPRAY. Create seductress styles with full, sexy hold or just freeze your glamorous ‘do into place. Ooh lala! 

    How 2b sexy: Hold 8-10 inches from hair. Spray evenly over hair for an all over hold or spot spray and use hands to create x-tra volume.